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"FINALLY!!!!!!! I say finally because I am so glad that all of you will now be able to enjoy the wonderful BBQ Sauce I have had the blessing of enjoying for years. This sauce is different. Not too Sweet. Not Too Thick. Not too Runny. Not too Sour. It is just GOOOOOD!!!!!! I have served it in my home daily, and on special occasions. The question is the same. "How can I get some of that sauce?" I have kept it on hand for very special friends. I've carried it in the car and on planes because there is no replacing it. It's not just good for BBQ, but baked or steamed meats. It's the bomb. When you get it, don't worry about the SMACKING, you'll do, you can't help it, you just can't help it. GOOD EATING. YOU ARE IN FOR A GREAT TIME."
- Mary Alice, Mansfield, Ohio

"I use ms. C's on many dishes--(not just meat). It's divine! :) Thank you, Mr. Smith, for making the best BBQ sauce ever!"
- David, New Haven, CT

"My family, numerous friends and I have eaten ms. C's Soppin' Good BBQ Sauce on pork ribs, beef, chicken and pasta for a period of over thirty years. We anxiously await mr. and ms. C's arrival for our 4th of July annual party so we can eat mr. c's delicious ribs along with ms. C's Soppin' Good BBQ Sauce. Try some, I guarantee you will not only like it, but love it as we have for over 30 years."
- Phil Saunders, Troy, MI

"Your BBQ, and especially the SAUCE, were WONDERFUL. I think I could just drink it by itself. You guys have hit on a great recipe. 'It is the best ever.'"
- T. Wilson, Cabarrus County, NC

At an Aiken, SC festival, mr. C said to a dubious customer, "If it's not the best you have ever had, it'll hover around the top two!" The customer looked at mr. C very strangely,  and unbeknownst to mr. C, the customer was a BBQ sauce judge who knew his BBQ sauces.  After tasting the spicy, he said, "This is really good! I'll be back tomorrow with some cash, and I'll get two bottles."  He returned the next day to buy two bottles of spicy.

- Steve Timmerman, Aiken, SC

"Best BBQ sauce I have ever had!"
- James Green, St. Louis, MO

"We use ms. C's Soppin' Good BBQ Sauce all year long, but can hardly wait for the Christmas holidays to roll around when we generously use it on the smoked turkey mr. C sends us."
- Carol Douglas, Searcy, AR

"If mr. C didn't make it, I don't want it. Ms. C's puts all the other BBQ sauces to shame!"
- Madeline Williams, St. Louis, MO.

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