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A Little More about ms. C's SOPPIN' GOOD BBQ SAUCE

Our business started with a family recipe that we could never get just right. We started to experiment and pray. When we moved to Midland, North Carolina, we visited a restaurant in South Carolina, and while there, we tasted the owner's BBQ sauce. We realized that he had an ingredient in his sauce that we did not have in ours. When we returned, we tried that missing ingredient in ours, and that was it! Now it comes out the same every time.


Product Description

Ms. C's SOPPIN' GOOD BARBECUE SAUCE is a 26-ingredient (MILD)/27-ingredient (SPICY) tomato-based sauce, sweetened with molasses and sugar.  Its zesty taste and compelling flavor will make it a staple with you, your family members and friends.

Safety Measures

Our sauces are made by an approved (NC Department of Agriculture) copacker in Elizabethtown, NC.

Sauce and French Fries

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The Origin of the Name

ms. C's SOPPIN' GOOD BBQ Sauce
Some years ago, one of the owners, mr. C, made regular visits to the elderly sick and shut-in members of his church in Charlotte, NC. On Mother's Day and Christmas, in particular, he would always take them a smoked chicken and a bottle of BBQ sauce. After an initial visit with the chicken and BBQ sauce, they were hooked. On one occasion, mr. C went to visit one of his favorite seniors. When she answered the door, before inviting him in, she focused her eyes on the bag he was carrying in his right hand. With a somewhat half smile and a demanding tone of voice, she said, "You'd better have in that bag what I think you have in it." Somewhat befuddled, mr. C replied, "What do you think I have in it?" With a broad smile she said, "Some of that soppin' good BBQ sauce." Ever since that encounter, the sauce has been referred to as SOPPIN' GOOD.

The Story behind the "C" in "ms. C"

Upon moving to the Southland, the co-owner, ms. C, was unaccustomed to people calling her by her first name, preceded by ms. Whenever repairmen or new Mary Kay Cosmetic clients came to the house, once they learned her name, instead of calling her by her last name, they called her by her first name, preceded by ms. With that, mr. C decided that they would begin calling the sauce, ms. C's (first name) SOPPIN' GOOD BBQ SAUCE to family members and friends. However, after the decision was made to take it to market, it was quickly learned from a trademark attorney that her first name could not be trademarked because the name was already in use. Ms. C's was subsequently reviewed, and approved, by the U.S. Trademark Office.

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